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Our goal is simply to collaborate with our fellow city leaders to accomplish fair Short Term Rental compliance by working together and offering up our experience and wide range of resources. Cities across the country have reached their goal of fair compliance, and we intend to help in the same way our neighboring associations in other cities have accomplished. 


The STLSTR.org association meets every month on the 3rd Thursday of every month to educate each other on best practices for hosting success. We believe that we can and have made a difference being better neighbors & Airbnb host through the leverage of other cities, other associations and technology systems such as NoiseAware for monitoring noise levels. 

Self Regulate

Our St Louis Short Term Rental Association has far more experience and resources to empower the city leaders with better decision making tools for compliance. STLSTR is excited to continue our efforts in growing our Neighborhood Ambassador Program. The Neighborhood Ambassador Program is a collaborative effort from several experienced local host and these volunteers are committed to attending neighborhood meetings, being a resource, listening, and overall a goal of being better neighbors for our city and surrounding community. 


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STLSTR Airbnb Host Monthly Meetup Events-5-23-19

One of the Co-founding members of the Non Profit Association known as STLSTR.org addresses the concerns of local host & St Louis City Legislation at during our Non Profit organizations events

St Louis Short Term Rental association Meetup held at jz vacation rentals I 1/17/19

 Airbnb hosts meet to discuss new regulations in St. Louis and work to form a new charter to represent the community.

Video of alex zemianek teaching legislation tips for kelowna

Check out this video of the founder of JZ Gives Back.org teaching the city of Kelowna West in British Columbia how to accomplish fair short term rental legislation.

our association is seeking AMBASSADORS in each ward with a goal to be supportive neighbors and collaborate with the city and community. drop us a line below!

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